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XY-44 Core Drilling Rig

Short Description:

XY-44 drilling rig is mainly adapted to diamond bit drilling and carbide bit drilling of solid bed. It can also be used for engineering geology and groundwater exploration; shallow layer oil and natural gas exploitation, even hole for sap ventilation and sap drain. The drilling rig has compact, simple and suitable construction. It is light, and can be assembled and disassembled conveniently. The appropriate range of rotation speed gives the drill a high drilling efficiency.

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Technical Parameters

Max. Drilling Depth Core drilling Ф55.5mm*4.75m 1400m
Ф71mm*5m 1000m
Ф89mm*5m 800m
BQ 1400m
NQ 1100m
HQ 750m
Ф60mm(EU) 200mm 800m
Ф73mm(EU) 350mm 500m
Ф90mm(EU) 500mm 300m
Foundation stake drilling rod:89mm(EU) Unconsolidated
1000mm 100m
Hard rock
600mm 100m
Angle of drilling   0°-360°
Type Mechanical rotary type hydraulic
feeding by the double cylinder
Inner diameter of spindle 93mm
Spindle speed Speed 1480r/min(used for core drilling)
Co-rotation Low speed 83,152,217,316r/min
High speed 254,468,667,970r/min
Reverse rotation 67,206r/min
Spindle stroke 600mm
Max. pulling up force 12t
Max. feeding force 9t
Max. output torque 4.2KN.m
Hoist Type Planetary gear transmission
Diameter of the wire rope 17.5,18.5mm
Content of
winding Drum
Ф17.5mm wire rope 110m
Ф18.5mm wire rope 90m
Max. lifting capacity(single wire) 5t
Lifting speed 0.70,1.29,1.84,2.68m/s
Frame moving
Type Slide drill(with slide base)
Frame moving stroke 460mm
oil pump
Type Single gear oil pump
Max. pressure 25Mpa
Rated pressure 10Mpa
Rated flow 20mL/r
Power unit
Type of diesel
Rated power 56KW
Rated rotating speed 1500r/min
Type of electrical motor(Y225S-4) Rated power 37KW
Rated rotating speed 1480r/min
Overall dimension 3042*1100*1920mm
Total weight(including power unit) 2850kg

Main Features

(1) With a large number of rotation speed series (8) and appropriate range of rotation speed, low speed with high torque. The drill is suitable for alloy core drilling and diamond core drilling, as well as engineering geological exploration, water well and foundation hole drilling.

(2) This drill is with big spindle inner diameter(Ф93mm), double hydraulic cylinder for feeding, long stroke (up to 600 mm), and strong process adaptability, which is very suitable for wire-line coring drilling of large diameter drill pipe, and is helpful to improve drilling efficiency and reduce hole accident.

(3) This drill has large drilling capacity, and the max rate drilling depth of Ф71mm wire-line drill rod can reach 1000 meters.

(4) It is light in weight , and can be assembled and disassembled conveniently. The drill has a net weight of 2300 kilogram, and the main machine can be disassembled into 10 components, which make it to be flexible in movement and suitable for mountain work.

(5) The hydraulic chuck adopts one-way oil supply, Spring clamp, hydraulic release, chuck clamping force, clamping stability

(6) Equipped with water brake, the rig can be used for deep hole drilling, smooth and safe under drilling.

(7) This drill adopts single gear oil pump to supply oil. Its virtues are installation simple, eay to use, low consumption of power, low oil temperature of hydraulic system and stable working. The system is equipped with hand oil pump, so we can still use the hand oil pump to take out the drilling tools even the engine can not work.

(8) This drill is compact in structure, rational in overall arrangement, easy maintenance and repair.

(9) The drill has a low center of gravity, long skid stroke, and is fixed firmly, which bring good stability with high speed drilling.

(10)Equipped with shockproof instrument, and the instrument has long life, which can help us grasp the hole situation. Less control lever make the operation flexible and reliable. 

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