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Hydraulic Crawler Drill

  • Multifunctional tunnel drilling rig

    Multifunctional tunnel drilling rig

    Median multi-functional tunnel drilling rig is fully hydraulically operated, has a high degree of automation, has a wide range, and is suitable for the construction requirements of tunnels, subways and other projects. 

  • SM-300 Hydraulic Crawler Drill

    SM-300 Hydraulic Crawler Drill

    SM-300 Rig is crawler mounted with top hydraulic drive rig. It is the new style rig our company designed and produced.

  • SM1100 Hydraulic crawler drill

    SM1100 Hydraulic crawler drill

    SM1100 full hydraulic crawler drilling rigs are configured with rotation-percussion rotary head or large torque rotation type rotary head as alternative, and equipped with down-the-hole hammer, which is designed for various hole forming operation. It is suitable for different soil condition, for example gravel layer, hard rock, aquifer, clay, sand flow etc. This rig is mainly used for rotation percussion drilling and normal rotation drilling in the project of bolt supporting, slope supporting, grouting stabilization, precipitation hole and underground micro piles, etc.

  • SM1800 Hydraulic crawler drill

    SM1800 Hydraulic crawler drill

    SM1800 A/B hydraulic crawler drills ,uses new hydraulic technology,with low air consumption , large rotary torque , and easy for variable-bit-shift hole.It is mainly suitable for open mining ,water conservancy and other blasting hole projects.

  • MEDIAN Tunnel Multifunction Rig

    MEDIAN Tunnel Multifunction Rig

    MEDIAN Tunnel Multifunction Rig is a multipurpose tunnel drilling rig. It is Corporate with France TEC and manufactured a new, full hydraulic and automatic intelligent machine. MEDIAN can be used for tunnel, underground and wide range projects.