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Diaphragm Wall Equipment

  • TG60 diaphragm wall equipment

    TG60 diaphragm wall equipment

    The TG60 of underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grabs can be widely used in the construction of foundation pit support , rail transit , dyke seepage prevention , dock cofferdam , underground space of urban infrastructure construction, etc.

  • TG50 Diaphragm Wall Equipment

    TG50 Diaphragm Wall Equipment

    TG50 Diaphragm walls are underground structural elements principally used for retention systems and permanent foundation walls.

    Our TG series hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs are ideal forpit strutting, dam anti-seepage, excavation support, dock cofferdam and foundation element, and are also suitable for the construction of square piles. It is one of the most efficient and versatile construction machines on the market.

  • TG70 Diaphragm Wall Equipment

    TG70 Diaphragm Wall Equipment

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