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Anchor Drill Rig

  • QDG-2B-1 Anchor Drilling Rig

    QDG-2B-1 Anchor Drilling Rig

    Anchor drilling machine is a drilling tool in bolt support of coal mine roadway. It has outstanding advantages in improving the support effect, reducing the support cost, accelerating the speed of roadway formation, reducing the amount of auxiliary transportation, reducing the labor intensity, and improving the utilization rate of roadway section.

  • QDGL-2B Anchor Drilling Rig

    QDGL-2B Anchor Drilling Rig

    The full hydraulic anchor engineering drilling rig is mainly used in the urban foundation pit support and control of building displacement, geological disaster treatment and other engineering construction. The structure of the drilling rig is integral, equipped with crawler chassis and clamping shackle.

  • QDGL-3 Anchor Drilling Rig

    QDGL-3 Anchor Drilling Rig

    Using for urban construction, mining and multiple purpose, including side slope support bolt to deep foundation, motorway, railway, reservoir and dam construction. To consolidate underground tunnel, casting, pipe roof construction, and pre-stress force construction to large scale bridge. Replace foundation for ancient building. Work for mine exploding hole.

  • SM820 Anchor Drilling Rig

    SM820 Anchor Drilling Rig

    SM series Anchor Drill Rig is applicable to the construction of rock bolt, anchor rope, geological drilling, grouting reinforcement and underground micro pile in different types of geological conditions such as soil, clay, gravel, rock-soil and water-bearing stratum;