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XY-1 Core Drilling Rig

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Geological exploration, physical geography exploration, road and building exploration, and blasting drilling holes etc.

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Technical Parameters

Max. Drilling Depth 100m
Diameter of the initial hole 110mm
Diameter of the final hole 75mm
Diameter of drilling rod 42mm
Angle of drilling 90°-75°
Spindle speed(3 positions) 142,285,570rpm
Spindle stroke 450mm
Max. feeding pressure 15KN
Max. lifting capacity 25KN
Max. lifting speed without load 3m/min
Hoisting Max. lifting capacity(single wire) 10KN
Rotation speed of drum 55,110,220rpm
Diameter of the drum 145mm
Circumferential velocity of the drum 0.42,0.84,1.68m/s
Diameter of the wire rope 9.3mm
Drum capacity 27m
Brake diameter 230mm
Brake band width 50mm
Water pump Max. displacement With electrical motor 77L/min
With diesel engine 95L/min
Max. pressure 1.2Mpa
Diameter of liner 80mm
Stroke of piston 100mm
oil pump
Model YBC-12/80
Nominal pressure 8Mpa
Flow 12L/min
Nominal speed 1500rpm
Power unit Type of diesel(ZS1100) Rated power 10.3KW
Rated rotating speed 2000rpm
Type of electrical motor
Rated power 7.5KW
Rated rotating speed 1440rpm
Overall dimension 1640*1030*1440mm
Total weight(not include power unit) 500kg

Application Range

(1)Geological exploration, physical geography exploration, road and building exploration, and blasting drilling holes etc

(2)Diamond bits, hard alloy bits and steel-shot bits could be selected to meet different layers

(3)Suitable for 2 to 9 stages siliceous skin clay and bedding course etc. layers

(4)The nominal drilling depth is 100 meters; the maximum depth is 120 meters. The nominal diameter of initial hole is 110mm, the maximum diameter of initial hole is 130 mm, and the diameter of final hole is 75 mm. The drilling depth depends on different conditions of stratum

Main Features

(1)Easy operation and high efficiency with the hydraulic feeding

(2)As the ball type chuck and the driving rod, it can complete no-stopping rotating while the spindle relit

(3)The pressure indicator of bottom hole can be observed and the well conditions controlled easily

(4)Close levers, convenient to operate, safe and reliable

(5)Compact size and use same base for the installation of rig, water pump and diesel engine, just need small space

(6) Light in weight, easy to assemble, disassemble and transport, suitable for plains and mountain area

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