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Hydraulic Crawler Crane

  • CQUY55 Hydraulic Crawler Crane

    CQUY55 Hydraulic Crawler Crane

    The main boom main chord adopts high-strength thin-arm steel pipe, which is light in weight and greatly improves the lifting performance;

    Complete safety devices, more compact and compact structure, suitable for complex construction environment;

  • CQUY75 Hydraulic Crawler Crane

    CQUY75 Hydraulic Crawler Crane

    1. The retractable crawler frame structure, compact shape, mechanism with small tail turning radius, which is convenient for overall transportation of main machine;

    2. The unique gravity lowering function saves fuel consumption and improves work efficiency;

    3. Comply with European CE standards;

  • CQUY100 Hydraulic Crawler Crane

    CQUY100 Hydraulic Crawler Crane

    1. The main components of the power system and hydraulic diversion are equipped with imported parts;

    2. Optional self loading and unloading function, easy to disassemble and assemble;

    3. The fragile and consumable structural parts of the whole machine are self-made parts, and the unique structural design, which is convenient for maintenance and low cost;