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DPP100 Mobile Drill

Short Description:

DPP100 mobile drill is one kind of rotary drilling equipment installed on the chassis of ‘Dongfeng’ diesel truck, the truck meets the china IV emission standard, the drill equipped with transpose positions and auxiliary hoisting device, drilling fed by hydraulic oil pressure.

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Technical Parameters

Max. drilling depth Ф200mm 70m
Ф150mm 100m
Hex Kelly bar(across flats*length) 75*5500mm
Overall dimension 9110*2462*3800mm
Total weight 10650kg
Rotary table Spindle speed 65,114,192rpm
Max. feeding capacity 48KN
Max. pulling capacity 70KN
Feeding stroke 1200mm
Transpose stroke 450mm
Main hoisting
Rotation speed of drum 28,48.8,82.3rpm
Hoisting speed(single wire) 0.313,0.544,0.917m/s
Single wire lifting capacity 12.5KN
Diameter of the wire rope 13mm
Mud pump Type BWT-450
Max. operating pressure 2MPa
Max. displacement of water 450L/min
oil pump
Type CBE 32
Operating pressure 8MPa
Hydraulic oil flow 35L/min
Hydraulic mast Diameter of cylinder 100mm
Max. operating pressure 8MPa

Application Range

(1) Exploration in shallow holes of mine, and seismic exploration drilling.

(2) Drilling holes in liquids and natural gas exploitation.

(3) Drilling holes for construction blasting.

(4) Geological exploration and shallow water well drilling.

Main Features

(1) Having hydraulic pressure and high ability of pulling down and pulling up. The operation is easy and secure.

(2) The main hoist provided is planetary hoisting; the operations are easy, safe and reliable. The auxiliary hoisting device provides impacting operating.

(3) The mud pump is high self-adsorb ability and can be regulated 10 kind flows.

(4) Rotary table can automatic transpose position to get out off the hole; thus the labor intensity is reduced and the drill’s service life is prolonged.

(5) The driver rod has high rigidity, weightier, being pressure by self-weight.

(6) Having hydraulic mast and four stabilizers, convenient in operation.

(7) Long feeding stroke, auxiliary time reduced, drilling efficiency improved.

(8) Two cabins for six persons. 

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