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TG60 diaphragm wall equipment

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The TG60 of underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grabs can be widely used in the construction of foundation pit support , rail transit , dyke seepage prevention , dock cofferdam , underground space of urban infrastructure construction, etc.

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Technical Parameters



Groove thickness of grab bucket " open width / m


Groove depth / m


Maximum lifting force / KN


Single rope pulling force of winch / kw


System pressure / Mpa


System flow / L / min


Diesel engines


Outer track distance / mm


Track shoe width / mm


Traction / KN


Walking speed / km / h


Host weight / t


Grab weight ( without soil ) / t



1. By fully purifying slurry, it is favorable to control slurry index, reduce drill sticking phenomena, and improve drilling quality.

2. By thoroughly separating the slag and soil, it is favorable to enhance drilling efficiency.

3. By realizing the repetition use of slurry, it can save slurry making materials and thus reduce the construction cost.

4. By adopting the technique of close-cycle purification and low water content of removed slag, it is favorable to reduce environmental pollution.


1.The newly designed and developed multifunctional upper chassis , the chassis is widened, the hoist is built-in, the hydraulic main valve is arranged laterally , the structure is compact and stable , and the maintenance is more convenient , the cab is moved forward and the top protective cover is added ,and the working surface is close , It is arranged horizontally for disassembly.

2.The self-made telescopic chassis developed and designed with compact structure and convenient telescopic disassembly : the slewing bearing made by Rothe Erde of Germany is selected for long service life.

3.Adopt advanced programmable PLC controller , inclinometer and correction system to ensure the quality of the groove . Large memory and high-resolution touch screen is used for real-time monitoring and display , recording and storing the excavation process and printing out .

4.Imported Cummins QSM 11 EFI turbocharged engine is easy to maintain. According to different actual working conditions , the hydraulic system , negative feedback control main pump and engine power output are reasonably matched , making the engine high efficiency , adaptability and long life , Good fuel economy.

5.Equipped with a built-in German imported reducer and brake , Rexroth motor ,single-row rope , double winch with large diameter drum , so that the work efficiency and service life of the winch have been greatly improved.

6.The new mast lifting mechanism makes it more convenient to raise and lower the mast ; the joints of the masts have a reinforced structural design to resist impact.

7.The multifunctional bucket body with adjustable weight is equipped with grab bodies and bucket heads of different weights according to different stratum and construction requirements . At the same time , bucket body slewing device and impact grab can be selected to improve the construction efficiency of different strata ; 200tons of large thrust Cylinder , trenching deeper and traversable The formation is more complex , which further improves the efficiency of trough formation.

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