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XY-200B Core Drilling Rig

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XY-44 drilling rig is mainly adapted to diamond bit drilling and carbide bit drilling of solid bed. It can also be used for engineering geology and groundwater exploration; shallow layer oil and natural gas exploitation, even hole for sap ventilation and sap drain. The drilling rig has compact, simple and suitable construction. It is light, and can be assembled and disassembled conveniently. The appropriate range of rotation speed gives the drill a high drilling efficiency.

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Technical Parameters

Drilling depth Φ75mm 200m
Φ91mm 150m
Φ150mm 100m
Φ200mm 50m
Diameter of Kelly bar 50mm
Angle of drilling hole 75°-90°
Rotating device Rotate speed of spindle Positive rotating 71,142,310,620
Reverse rotating 71,142,310,620
Spindle stroke 450mm
Lifting capacity of spindle 25KN
Feeding capacity of spindle 15KN
Max. working torque 1600N.m
Max. upward moving speed without loading 0.05m/s
Max. downward moving speed without loading 0.067m/s
Winch Rotate speed of drum 16,32,70,140r/min
Lifting speed(2nd layer) 0.17,0.34,0.73,1.46m/s
Maximum lifting capacity (single rope ) 20KN
Rope diameter 11mm
Drum diameter 165mm
Brake wheel diameter 280mm
Brake belt diameter 55mm
Skid device of
 drilling rig
Skid stroke 400mm
Distance of leaving hole 250mm
Oil pump Model No. YBC-12/80
Rated discharge capacity 12L/min
Rated pressure 8MPa
Rated rotating speed 1500r/min
Power Diesel engine model ZS1115M
Rated power 16.2KW
Rated rotating speed 2200r/min
Water pump Max. discharge capacity 95L/min
Max. allowed pressure 1.2Mpa
Working pressure 0.7Mpa
Number of stroke(numbers/min) 120
Cylinder liner diameter 80mm
Piston stroke 100mm

If user choose drilling rig without water pump, we suggest to use variable mud pump which not less than BW-100 type

XY-200B 1800*950*1450 700
XY-200B-1 1780*950*1350 630
XY-200B-2 1450*950*1350 550
XY-200B-3 1860*950*1450 770
XY-200B(GS) 1800*950*1450 700
XY-200B(GS)-1 1780*950*1350 630
XY-200B(GS)-2 1450*950*1350 550
XY-200B(GS)-3 1860*950*1450 770

PS: The rotate speed of (GS) series core drilling rig has the gear of 840r/min .User can
choose according to actual situation.

Application Range

(1) Railway, Water & Electricity, transportation, bridge, dam foundation and other buildings
for engineering geological exploration.
(2) Geological core drilling, Physical exploration.
(3) Drilling for small grout hole and blast hole.
(4) Small well drilling

Main Features

(1) Oil pressure feeding, improving drilling efficiency, reducing the labor intensity.
(2) The machine has top ball clamping structure and hexagonal kelly bar, can realize the Non-stop recheck. High working efficiency, easy operation, safe and reliable.
(3) Equipped with pressure gauge at the bottom of hole, it is convenient to know the situation in the hole.
(4) The handles collect, the machine is easy to operation.
(5)Drilling rig structure is compact, small volume, light weight, easy to disassemble and moving .it is suitable to work on the plain and mountain area.
(6) Spindle is eight side structure, expand diameter of spindle, which can enter into Kelly bar with large diameter and suitable to transmit with large torque.
(7) Diesel engine adopts electric start.

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