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XY-1B Core Drilling Rig

Short Description:

XY-1B Drilling Rig is a hydraulic-feed low speed drilling rig. To meet the needs of different consume with widely practical use, we advance XY-1B-1, drilling rig, which is added with water pump. The rig, water pump and diesel engine are installed on same base. We advance XY-1B-2 Model drill, which is added with travel lower chuck.

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Technical Parameters

Drilling depth 200,150,100,70,50,30m
Hole diameter 59,75,91,110,130,150mm
Rod diameter 42mm
Angle of drilling 90°-75°
Spindle speed(4 shift) 71,142,310,620rpm
Spindle stroke 450mm
Max. feeding pressure 15KN
Max. lifting capacity 25KN
Max. Spindle lifting speed without load 0.05m/s
Max. Spindle downward without load 0.067m/s
Max. Spindle output torque 1.25KN.m
Hoist lifting capacity(single line) 15KN
Drum speed 19,38,84,168rpm
Diameter of the drum 140mm
Drum circumferential velocity(second layers) 0.166,0.331,0.733,1.465m/s
Diameter of the wire rope 9.3mm
Brake diameter 252mm
Brake band broad 50mm
oil pump
Model YBC-12/80
Rated pressure 8Mpa
Flow 12L/min
Rated speed 1500rpm
Power unit Type of diesel(ZS1105) Rated power 12.1KW
Rated rotating speed 2200rpm
Type of electrical motor(Y160M-4) Rated power 11KW
Rated rotating speed 1460rpm
Overall dimension XY-1B 1433*697*1273mm
XY-1B-1 1750*780*1273mm
XY-1B-2 1780*697*1650mm
Total weight(not include power unit) XY-1B 525kg
XY-1B-1 595kg
XY-1B-2 700kg

Application Range

Engineering geological explorations for railway, highway, bridge and dam etc; Geologic core drilling and geophysical exploration. Drill the holes for small grouting, blasting and small water well. The rated drilling depth is 150 meters.

Main Features

(1)Being equipped with ball type holding device and hexagonal Kelly, it can accomplish no-stopping working while lifting the rods, thus drilling efficiency increase. Operate conveniently, secure and reliable.
(2)Through the pressure indicator of bottom hole, the well condition can be observed easily. Close levers, convenient operation.
(3)The hoist spindle is supported by the ball bearing, it could eliminate the event of the supporting bearing burned-out. Under the spindle head, there is a well top plate for unscrewing the rods conveniently.
(4)Compact size and small weight. Easy to dismantle and transport, adapt to work in plain and mountain areas.
(5)The octagon shape section spindle can give more torque.

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