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TR400 Rotary Drilling Rig

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Technical Specification

TR400D Rotary drilling rig
Engine Model   CAT
Rated power kw 328
Rated speed r/min 2200
Rotary head Max.output torque kN´m 380
Drilling speed r/min 6-21
Max. drilling diameter mm 2500
Max. drilling depth m 95/110
Crowd cylinder system Max. crowd force Kn 365
Max. extraction force Kn 365
Max. stroke mm 14000
Main winch Max. pull force Kn 355
Max. pull speed m/min 58
Wire rope diameter mm 36
Auxiliary winch Max. pull force Kn 120
Max. pull speed m/min 65
Wire rope diameter mm 20
Mast inclination Side/ forwards/ backwards ° ±6/15/90
Interlocking Kelly bar   ɸ560*4*17.6m
Friction Kelly bar (optional)   ɸ560*6*17.6m
  Traction Kn 700
Tracks width mm 800
Caterpillar grounding Length mm 6000
Working Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 35
Total weight with kelly bar kg 110000
Dimension Working (Lx Wx H) mm 9490x4400x25253
Transportation (Lx Wx H) mm 16791x3000x3439


Product Description

TR400D rotary drilling rig is new designed sell-erecting ig mounted on original Caterpillar 345D base adopts advanced hydraulic loading back technology integrates advanced electronic control technology, which makes the whole performance of TR400D rotary drilling rig each advanced world standards.

TR400D rotary drilling rig is specially designed to suit the following applications:

Drilling with telescopic friction or interlocking kelly bar-standard Supply ,

Drilling cased bore piles(casing driven by rotary head or optionally by casing oscillation)

CFA Piles by means of continue auger

Either crowd winch system or hydraulic crowd cylinder system

Displacement piles 


Main Features


Adopts Big-triangle support structure to guarantee the working stability for the drilling rig.

The main winch is driven by double motors , with double reducers and the single layer structure , which can prolong the useful life of steel wire rope and reduce working cost , at the same time ensuring the pull force and speed of the main winch.

Two movements with degree of freedom for the winch leading sheave device can be available , and adjust automatically to the optimal position suitable for steel wire rope , reduce friction and prolong the service life.

Adopts winch crowd system with the maximum 16m long stroke , and maximum crowd force and pull force can reach 44 Ton . Many methods of engineering can be applied well.

Use original CAT undercarriage and upper unit Width of crawler can be adjusted between 3900and 5500mm . Counterweight has been moved backwards and increased to improve the stability and reliability of whole machine.

Key units of hydraulic system use Caterpillar hydraulic systems main control circuit and pilot operated control circuit , with advanced load feedback technology , which made the flow distribute every units of the system according to need , in order to achieve the operation have the advantages of flexibility , safety , conformability and exact .

The hydraulic system is radiating independently.

The pump , motor , valve , oil tube and pipe coupling are chosen from all first class parts which ensure high stability . Every units designed to high pressure-resistant ( The max pressure can reach 35mpacan work in high-powered and full load.

The electronic control system applies the DC24V direct current , and PLC monitor the working condition of every unit such as starting-up and extinguishing a fire of engine , the upper rotation angle of mast , safety alarm , the drilling depth , and the failure.

The main parts of electronic control system are high quality and adopt advanced electronic leveling device which can switch freely between automatic state and manual state . This device monitor and control the mast to keep vertically during operation . The mast is auto controlled and monitored by the advanced manual and auto switch electronic balance device to keep its vertically , which could guarantee the vertical requirements of the piling hole effectively and achieve the humanization layout of the control and friendly Human-machine Interaction.

The whole machine has proper layout to reduce counterweight : the motor , hydraulic oil tank , fuel tank and the master valve are located at the back of the slewing unit , the motor and all kinds of valves are cover by a hood , elegant appearance .

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