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SHD26 horizontal directional drilling rig

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SHD26 Horizontal directional drilling or directional boring is a method of installing underground pipes, conduits or cable by using a surface lauched drilling rig. This method results in little impact on the surrounding area and is mainly used when trenching or excavating is not practical.

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Main Technical Parameter

Model Unit SHD26
Engine   CUMMINS
Rated power KW 132
Max.pullback KN 260
Max. thrusting KN 260
Spindle torque(max) N.m 9000
Spindle speed r/min 0-140
Backreaming diameter mm 750
Tubing length (single) m 3
Tubing diameter mm 73
Entry angle ° 10-22
Mud pressure (max) bar 80
Mud flow rate (max) L/min 250
Dimension (L* W* H) m 6.5*2.3*2.5
Overall weight t 8


1. Hydraulic pilot control, provide comfortable operating performance and flexible regulation.
2. Rack and pinion sliding, to ensure the stability of the carriage and the reliability of drive operational. Carriage floating, floating vice technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread, the service life of the drill pipe 30% increase.
3. Double speed carriage, drilling, dragged back when running at low speed, ensure the smooth construction. The discharge pipe light back and forth, carriage can accelerate sliding, reduce the auxiliary time, improve work efficiency.
4. Host equipped with semi-automatic pipe loading and unloading device, Hengyang mud pump, mud cleaning device, high efficiency and energy saving construction.
5. Support the diverse needs of customers, the machine can option configuration with the automatic (semi-automatic) full-automatic pipe loader, automatic anchoring system, cab, air conditioning wind, cold start, freezing mud, mud washing, mud throttling and other devices.

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