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SHD20 horizontal directional drilling rig

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SHD20 Horizontal Directional Drills are mainly used in the trenchless piping construction and re-placement of the underground pipe. The SINOVO SHD series horizontal directional drills have the advantages of advanced performance, high efficiency and comfortable operation. Many key components of SHD series horizontal directional drilling rig adopt international famous products to guarantee the quality. They are the ideal machines for construction of the water piping, gas piping, electricity, telecommunication, heating system, crude oil industry.

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Main Technical Parameter

Engine Power 110/2200KW
Max Thrust force 200KN
Max Pullback force 200KN
Max Torque 6000N.M
Max Rotary speed 180rpm
Max Moving speed of power head 38m/min
Max Mud pump flow 250L/min
Max Mud pressure 8+0.5Mpa
Main machine size 5880x1720x2150mm
Weight 7T
Diameter of drilling rod φ60mm
Length of drilling rod 3m
Max diameter of pullback pipe φ150~φ700mm
Max construction length ~ 500m
Incidence Angle 11~20°
Climbing Angle 14°

Performance And Characteristics

1. Chassis: Classic H-beam structure, steel track, strong adaptability and high reliability; Doushan walking reducer has stable and reliable performance; The anti shear sleeve leg structure can protect the oil cylinder from transverse force.

2. Cab: single all-weather rotatable cab, easy to operate and comfortable.

3. Engine: turbine torque increasing stage II engine, with large power reserve and small displacement, to ensure drilling power and emergency needs.

4. Hydraulic system: closed energy-saving circuit is adopted for rotation, and open system is adopted for other functions. Load sensitive control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and other advanced control technologies are adopted. Imported components are of reliable quality.

5. Electrical system: for horizontal directional drilling construction technology, advanced intelligent control technology, CAN technology and imported high reliability controller are applied. Optimize the display position of each instrument, use larger instrument, easy to observe. By wire control, stepless speed regulation can be realized, and the operation is convenient. Engine speed, water temperature, oil pressure, hydraulic oil level temperature, return oil filter, power head limit and other parameters monitoring alarm, effectively protect the safety of the machine.

6. Drilling frame: high strength drilling frame, suitable for 3m drill pipe; It can slide the drill frame and adjust the angle easily.

7. Drill pipe gripper: detachable gripper and truck mounted crane make it easy to load and unload drill pipe.

8. Walking by wire: easy to operate, high and low speed adjustable.

9. Monitoring and protection: engine, hydraulic pressure, filter and other parameters monitoring alarm, effectively protect the safety of the machine.

10. Emergency operation: equipped with manual operation system to cope with special circumstances and protect construction safety.

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