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TR230 Rotary Drilling Rig

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TR230D Rotary Drilling Rig is new designed self-erecting rig mounted on original Caterpillar 336D base adopts advanced hydraulic loading back technology, integrates advanced electronic control technology,

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Technical Specification

Engine Model   SCANIA/CAT
Rated power kw 232
Rated speed r/min 2200
Rotary head Max.output torque kN´m 246
Drilling speed r/min 6-32
Max. drilling diameter mm 2000
Max. drilling depth m 54/68
Crowd cylinder system Max. crowd force Kn 215
Max. extraction force Kn 230
Max. stroke mm 6000
Main winch Max. pull force Kn 240
Max. pull speed m/min 65
Wire rope diameter mm 28
Auxiliary winch Max. pull force Kn 100
Max. pull speed m/min 65
Wire rope diameter mm 20
Mast inclination Side/ forwards/ backwards ° ±3/3.5/90
Interlocking Kelly bar   ɸ440*4*14.5m
Friction Kelly bar (optional)   ɸ440*5*15m
  Traction Kn 410
Tracks width mm 800
Caterpillar grounding Length mm 4950
Working Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 32
Total weight with kelly bar kg 76800
Dimension Working (Lx Wx H) mm 7500x4500x22370
Transportation (Lx Wx H) mm 16300x3200x3590

Product Description

TR230D Rotary Drilling Rig is new designed self-erecting rig mounted on original Caterpillar 336D base adopts advanced hydraulic loading back technology, integrates advanced electronic control technology, which makes the whole performance of TR230D rotary drilling rig reach advanced worldTR250D rotary drilling rig is specially designed to suit the following applications:

Drilling with telescopic friction or interlocking kelly bar-standard supply

Drilling cased bore piles( casing driven by rotary head or optionally by casing oscillator CFA Piles by means of continue auger

Either crowd winch system or hydraulic crowd cylinder system Displacement piles; Soil -mixing


Retractable original CAT chassis with Efl turbocharged engine ensures the stability of the whole machine meet the performance lications and construction environment Advanced main pump adopted negative flow constant power variable automatic control, which can realize the optimal matching in the load and the output power of engine.

Width of crawler can be adjusted between 3000 and 4300m

counterweight moved back wards increases the stability and reliability

The key components of the hydraulic system adopts Caterpillar hydraulic system as the main circuit and the pilot control circuit With the advanced loading back technology, the flow be distributed to each part of the system according to needs, which achieves better match in various working conditions Pilot control makes the operation flexible, comfortable, exact and safe. Various kinds of hydraulic elements adopted world famous brand, such as Rexroth, Parker, etc. ensure the hydraulic system high reliability.

Each operating devices adopt high pressure design; the max pressure is 35MPA, which can achieve high power and full load work.

Electric systems are from Pal-fin auto-control, optimal design of electric control system improves the control accuracy and the food back speed Equipped advanced automatic switch of manual automatically, and guarantee a verticality condition during operation

TR230D has separated auxiliary winch collocated on the mast from triangle parts, good view and maintenance more convenient. The main winch has highlights of touch-bottom protection, priority control and fast line speed, which can greatly increase main winch releasing speed and decrease ineffective working time.

Compacted Parallelogram structure reduces the length and height of the whole machine, thus reduce the machine,'s requirement on the work space, easy transportation.

TR230D adopts professional rotary head equipped BONFIGLIOLI or BREVINI reducer, and REXROTH or LINDE motor, and rotary head available in three drilling modes-standard, low speed and big torque or high speed and small torque; spin-off is optional.

Heavy damping spring on the base of multilevel shock absorption design, which ensures greater safety of operation.

The special lubricating system makes sure that the rig can work in high or low temperature environment and effectively prolongs rotary head's service life.

More reasonable depth measuring device.

The newest designed winch drum structure is to avoid steel wire rope tangling and lengthen the service life of steel wire rope.

A large-space soundproofed cabin with high-power air condition and luxurious damping seat, provides driver high-comfort and pleasured working environment. At two side, there are very convenient and humanization-designed operating joystick, Touch screen and monitor show the parameters of system, includes warning device for abnormal situation. The pressure gage can also provide more intuitive working condition for the operating driver. It has the pre-automatic detection function before starting the whole machine.

Various safety equipments provide comprehensive protection

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