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How to maintain horizontal directional drilling rig?

Horizontal directional drilling rig

1. When the horizontal directional drilling rig completes a project, it is necessary to remove the sludge and ice slag in the mixing drum and drain the water in the main pipe.

2. Shift gears when the pump is stopped to avoid damaging gears and parts.

3. Clean the gas oil pump and prevent fire and dust during gas oil filling.

4. Check the lubrication of all moving parts, add oil and change oil regularly in the pump body, especially the oil must be changed once after the new pump works for 500 hours. Whether it is refueling or oil change, pure and impurity free lubricating oil must be selected, and the use of waste engine oil is strictly prohibited.

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5. In winter, if the horizontal directional drilling rig stops the pump for a long time, the liquid in the pump and pipeline shall be discharged to avoid freezing crack of parts. If the pump body and pipeline are frozen, the pump can be started only after it is removed.

6. Check whether the pressure gauge and safety valve work normally. The working pressure of the mud pump shall be strictly controlled according to the instructions on the label. The continuous working time under the rated working pressure shall not exceed one hour, and the continuous working pressure shall be controlled within 80% of the rated pressure.

7. Before each construction, check the sealing condition of each sealing part. In case of oil and water leakage, repair or replace the seal immediately.

8. Before each construction, check whether the moving parts are blocked and whether the speed change mechanism is accurate and reliable.

Post time: Aug-31-2021