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Advantages of rotary drilling rig in piling in infrastructure engineering

Rotary drilling rig

1. One machine can be used for multiple purposes

In the capital construction project, the rotary drilling rig is used for pile driving, the hydraulic transmission is fully utilized, and the modular combination design method is adopted to realize one machine with multiple functions under the condition that the main machine remains unchanged, so as to improve the adaptability of large construction machinery to different construction methods. It is a kind of equipment suitable for different construction methods. It can also carry out casing or full casing drilling, be equipped with underground diaphragm wall grab for underground diaphragm wall construction, double power head cutting pile wall construction, and long spiral drilling, so as to achieve one machine with multiple functions.

2. The equipment has good performance, high degree of automation and low labor intensity

The rotary drilling rig is a crawler full hydraulic self-propelled drilling rig, which adopts a full set of hydraulic system, and some are also equipped with computer operating system. The selection of good components can prolong the overall service life of the equipment and will not affect its use due to the damage of one component. The equipment integrates machinery, electricity and liquid, has compact structure, flexible and convenient operation, high degree of mechanization and automation, can move by itself in the construction site, and can stand a mast, which is convenient and fast to move and align the hole position. Telescopic drill pipe is adopted, which saves manpower and time for adding drill pipe, less auxiliary time and high time utilization.

3. High drilling efficiency

Different drill bits can be configured according to the formation conditions, and long drill barrel can be used in cohesive soil layer to increase the drilling speed; For the stratum with large content of sand and pebbles, a short drilling barrel can be used with mud wall protection to control the drilling rate; For formations containing boulders, boulders and hard rocks, long and short auger bits can be used for treatment. After loosening, replace the drill barrel to continue drilling. Compared with conventional equipment, it has large rotary torque, can be automatically adjusted according to formation conditions, large WOB and easy to control.

Rotary drilling rig

4. High pile forming quality

The disturbance to the stratum is small, the mud skin of the retaining wall is thin, and the hole wall formed is rough, which is conducive to increasing the pile side friction and ensuring the design bearing capacity of the pile foundation. There is less sediment at the bottom of the hole, which is easy to clean the hole and increase the bearing capacity of the pile end.

5. Little environmental pollution

The rotary drilling rig is dry or non circulating mud drilling, which requires less mud. Therefore, the construction site is clean and tidy with little pollution to the environment. At the same time, the equipment has small vibration and low noise.

Post time: Nov-08-2021