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Why choose rotary drilling rig for capital construction project?

Mini rotary drilling rig

(1) Fast construction speed

Since the rotary drilling rig rotates and breaks the rock and soil by the barrel bit with valve at the bottom, and directly loads it into the drilling bucket to lift and transport it to the ground, there is no need to break the rock and soil, and the mud is returned out of the hole. The average footage per minute can reach about 50cm. The construction efficiency can be increased by 5 ~ 6 times compared with that of drilling pile machine and punching pile machine in suitable stratum.

(2) High construction accuracy. During the construction process, the pile depth, verticality, WOB and soil capacity in the drill barrel can be controlled by computer.

(3) Low noise. The construction noise of rotary drilling rig is mainly generated by the engine, and there is almost no friction sound for other parts, which is especially suitable for use in urban or residential are

Mini rotary drilling rig

(4) Environmental protection. The amount of mud used in the construction of rotary drilling rig is relatively small. The main function of mud in the construction process is to increase the stability of hole wall. Even in areas with good soil stability, clean water can be used to replace mud for drilling construction, which greatly reduces the discharge of mud, has little impact on the surrounding environment, and saves the cost of mud outward transportation.

(5) Easy to move.As long as the bearing capacity of the site can meet the self weight requirements of the rotary drilling rig, it can move by itself on the crawler without the cooperation of other machinery.

(6) High degree of mechanization. During the construction process, there is no need to dismantle and assemble the drill pipe manually, and there is no need to carry out mud slag removal treatment, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers and save human resources.


(7) No power supply is required.

At present, the mini rotary drilling rig used in the market uses the fuselage diesel engine to provide power, which is especially suitable for the construction site without power. At the same time, it also eliminates the hauling, layout and protection of cables, and has relatively high safety.

(8) Single pile has high bearing capacity. Because the mini rotary excavator cuts the soil by the bottom corner of the cylinder to form a hole, the hole wall is relatively rough after the hole is formed. Compared with the bored pile, the hole wall has almost no application of mud. After the pile is formed, the pile body is well combined with the soil, and the bearing capacity of a single pile is relatively high.

(9) It is applicable to a wide range of strata. Due to the diversity of drill bits of rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig can be applied to various strata. In the same pile construction process, it can be completed by rotary drilling rig without selecting other machinery to form holes.

(10) Easy to manage. Due to the characteristics of rotary drilling rig, less machinery and personnel are required in the construction process, and there is no high power demand, which is easy to manage and save management cost.


(11) Low price, low investment cost and fast return

Due to the advent of mini rotary drilling rig products in recent years, the purchase cost of drilling equipment in foundation construction has been greatly reduced. Equipment less than one million yuan has been launched one after another, and some even invest more than 100000 yuan to have their own construction equipment.

Post time: Dec-23-2021