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Precautions for pile breaker operation

Precautions for pile breaker operation-4

1. The pile breaker operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, operation essentials and safety precautions of the machine before operation. Special personnel shall be assigned to direct the work. The commander and operator shall check each other's signals and cooperate closely before work.

2. It is necessary to concentrate on the work of pile breaking machine, not only to keep a clear mind, but also to operate rationally. It is forbidden to operate after fatigue, drinking or taking stimulants and drugs. Do not talk, laugh, fight or make noise with irrelevant personnel. Smoking and eating food are not allowed during operation.

Precautions for pile breaker operation-2

3. If the pile breaker is equipped with a hydraulic station, the power line must be safe and reliable, and it is strictly prohibited to pull without permission. The performance of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure that all parts are in good condition.

4. The pile breaker module must be provided by a regular manufacturer, away from inflammables and explosives.

5. When replacing a new module of the pile breaker during work, the power supply of the hydraulic station must be turned off.

Precautions for pile breaker operation-1

6. Strictly abide by the relevant maintenance regulations of pile breaking machine, and carefully maintain the machine at all levels to ensure that the machine is always in good condition. It should be used reasonably and operated correctly.

7. In case of power failure, rest or leaving the workplace, the power supply shall be cut off immediately.

8. In case of abnormal sound of pile breaker, stop working immediately and check; The power supply must be cut off before repairing or replacing accessories.

9. Turn off the power supply after construction, and clean the equipment and surrounding sites.

10. If the pile breaker is stopped for a long time, it shall be stored in the warehouse and protected against moisture.

Post time: Nov-19-2021