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A water well drilling rig is a rig used for drilling water wells,installing underground pipes and cleaning wells.It is mainly composed of power unit,drill bit,drill rod,core barrel,drill stand etc.Generally,there are three types of water well drilling rig,which are rotary drill,percussion drill and combination drill.

We are a specialized water well drilling rig manufacturer and supplier in China.Our SIN series water well drilling rig mounted on truck or trailer uses air circulation,mud or foam system,equipped with rotary tri-cone and down the hole hammer.It is highly efficient under many geological conditions,such as clay,sandy soil layer,bedrock,etc.In order to satisfy all water well drilling requirements,our water well drilling rig can be fitted with many optional accessaries such as line lubricator,kelly bar loader,various mud pumps,air compressors,and more.

Technical parameters

Water well drilling rig Summary
Drilling depth (m) Hole diameter (mm)
SNR-200 260 105-305
SNR-300 200 105-305
SNR-400 400 105-305
SNR-500 500 105-400
SNR-600 600 105-450
SNR-800 800 105-550
SNR-1000 1000 105-800
SNR-1200 1200 105-900
SNR-1600 1600 105-1000