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There are many varieties of drilling equipment on the market. Some of frequently used ones include oil drilling rigs, surface exploration drilling rigs, tunnel drilling rigs water well drilling rigs, and geological drilling rigs. Geological drilling rigs are often used for coring, which retrieve core samples from the ground. Reprehensive core and rock debris are often obtained to help determine the subsurface geology and amount of mineral resources. Generally, the drilling depths of geological drilling rigs are from 2m to 2500m.

We are a Chinese geological drilling rig manufacturer and supplier, mainly producing core drilling rigs and mobile drilling rigs. Geological drilling rigs-spindle type are ideally suited for exploration, mining, water well and pile grouting hole drilling operations, featuring ease of transport, great mobility and compact structure.

Geological drilling rigs-full hydraulic-mounted trailer and crawler type with hydraulic support mast and legs are increasingly used for engineering geological exploration, superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas mining, mine gallery ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling.

Besides geological drilling rigs, we at SINOVO International Company also provide CFA drilling equipment, diaphragm wall grabs, piling rigs, and more. Our products utilize high quality diesel engines, which have the advantages of low emission, low vibration and high efficiency. So they are friendlier to the environment.

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