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TH-60 Hydraulic piling rig
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TH-60 Hydraulic piling rig

As a reliable pilling rig manufacturer in China, SINOVO mainly produces hydraulic pilling rigs, which can be used together with hydraulic pile hammer, multi-purpose pile hammer, rotary pilling rig, and CFA pile drilling equipment.

We can design and manufacture drilling rigs and piling machine according to customers requirements.

Our TH-60 hydraulic pilling rig is a newly-designed construction machine that is widely used in the construction of highways, bridges, and building etc. It is based on Caterpillar undercarriage and consist of hydraulic impact hammer which includes hammer, hydraulic hoses, power pack, bell driving head.

This hydraulic pilling rig is a reliable, versatile and durable machine. Its max pile hammer is 300mm and the max pile depth is 20m per impacting which allow our pilling rig to suit requirements of many foundation engineering projects.

As a result of modular design of their components, our hydraulic pilling rigs can be used in a variety of applications when fitted with the following devices.
-different types of mast, each with different extension pieces and components
-different models of rotary heads with optional hydraulic rotary drilling pile hammer, auger
-service winch

Technical Data of Main Machine
Engine model C7 STH
Rated power 186KW
Max pulling force of main winch 170KN
Wire line of main winch 26 ㎜
Max pulling speed of main winch 70m/min
Max pulling force of auxiliary winch 110 KN
Wire line of auxiliary winch 20 ㎜
Max pulling speed of auxiliary winch 66m/min
Total length of undercarriage 4940 ㎜
Track shoe 800 ㎜
Overall in working 4300 ㎜
Overall in working 21615 ㎜
Overall in transport 3000 ㎜
Overall in transport 3313 ㎜
Undercarriage model CAT329D

Technical Data of Piling Hammer TH60
Ram weight 5000KG
Ram stroke 200-1200mm
Energy at max stroke 60KJ
Blow Rate 30-80/bmp
Max Pilling depth 30 m
Max Pilling Diameter 500x500mm
Total weight 39T

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