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SM-300 Hydraulic crawler drills
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SM-300 Hydraulic crawler drills

SM-300 Rig is crawler Mounted with Top Hydraulic Drive rig .It is the new style rig our company designed and produced. The rig is mainly use for diamond bit drilling and carbide bit drilling of solid bed. It also can be use in Underpinning and pile drilling, Geotechnical Surveys drilling and Mineral Exploration drilling etc.

We can design and manufacture drilling rigs and piling machine according to customers requirements.

1.Main Features
(1)Top hydraulic head driver is droved by two high speed hydraulic motor. It can supply the great torque and the wide range of the rotation speeds.
(2) Feeding and the lifting system adopt the hydraulic cylinders driving and chain transmission. It have the long feeding distance and giving the convenient for the drilling
(3)The V style orbit in the mast can sure the enough rigidity between the top hydraulic head and the mast and give the stability at the high rotation speed.
(4) Rod unscrew system make the operation simply
(5)Hydraulic winch for lifting have the better lifting stability and good braking ability.
(6) Rotation unit driving system is controlled by the Variable Flux Pump .it has the high efficiency.
(7) Steel Crawlers drive by the hydraulic motor, so the rig has a wide maneuverability
(8)the mast can turn 360oin horizontal direction,90o/-20o in vertical direction. The height can be adjusted at can drill hole in any orientations.
(9) The rig hydraulic system control by the proportion valve and the circuit.

Technical specifications
EURO standards U.S.standards
ENGINE Deutz Wind cooling diesel engine 46KW 61.7hp
Hole diameter: Φ110-219 mm 4.3-8.6inch
Drilling angle: all directions
Rotary head
A. Back hydraulic rotary head (drilling rod)
Rotation speed Torque Torque
Single motor low speed 0-120 r/min 1600 N.m 1180lbf.ft
High speed 0-310 r/min 700 N.m 516lbf.ft
Double motor low speed 0-60 r/min 3200 N.m 2360lbf.ft
High speed 0-155 r/min 1400 N.m 1033lbf.ft
B. Forward hydraulic rotary head (sleeve)
Rotation speed Torque Torque
Single motor low speed 0-60 r/min 2500 N.m 1844lbf.ft
Double motor low speed 0-30 r/min 5000 N.m 3688lbf.ft
C.Translation stroke: 2200 N.m 1623lbf.ft
Feeding system: single hydraulic cylinder driving the chain
Lifting force 50 KN 11240lbf
Feeding force 35 KN 7868lbf
Diameter 50-219 mm 2-8.6inch
Lifting force 15 KN 3372lbf
of Crawlers 2260mm 89inch
weight in working condition 9000 Kg 19842lb



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