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Multifunctional Drilling Rig
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Multifunctional Drilling Rig

Our multifunctional drilling rig is a piece of advanced drilling equipment that is developed by our company and TEC System Company of France. All the functions of this equipment are carried out by hydraulic system,but controlled by electrical system.This drilling rig can be used in many applications,such as tunneling,metro,foundation and so on.

We can design and manufacture drilling rigs and piling machine according to customers requirements.

Features of Multifunctional Drilling Rig

-Compact in structure,our drilling rig is ideally suited for working in limited spaces
-The mast of this machine can turn 360° in horizontal direction, 120°/ -20°in vertical direction. The height can be adjusted at 2650 mm.So drilling in all directions can be realized
-The translation of mast can reach 3600 mm, resulting in high efficiency
-Easy control of this machine is achieved due to the use of electric controller
-The functions include translation and rotation of the pivot, tilting angle adjusting of the mast, reposition of the drilling hole, pull-down pressure adjusting, pull up speed adjusting, rotation speed adjust of rotation head etc
-Equipped with powerful engine,our drilling rig can be used in a wide range of engineering constructions.

Technical parameters

Multifunctional drills- Technical specifications
EURO standards U.S.standards
Diesel 109KW 146hp
Bi-motor(diesel+electric) 47KW(diesel)+90KW(electric) 63hp(diesel)+120.7hp(electric)
Tilting angle from -20° to +90° from -20° to +90°
Pull down 0-60KN 0-13489lbf
Pull up 0-70KN 0-15737lbf
Translation stroke 3600mm 142inch
Length of mast 6250mm 246inch
Rotation of mast from -180°to +180° from -180° to +180°
Rotary head
Torque 7210-900N.m 5318/664lbf.ft
Speed 50-600rpm 50-600rpm
Lift capacity 2T 4409lb
diameter 70-225mm 2.8-8.9inch
of crawler 500mm 96.9inch
Length of crawler 2460mm 20inch



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