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Crawler Core Drilling Rig
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Crawler Core Drilling Rig

Series spindie type core drilling rigs are mounted on the crawlers, which is a portable hydraulic rig on high speed. These drills move easily with hydraulic feeding

We can design and manufacture drilling rigs and piling machine according to customers requirements.

Series spindie type core drilling rigs are mounted on the crawlers, which is a portable hydraulic rig on high speed. These drills move easily with hydraulic feeding

Application Range

Engineering geological explorations for railway, hydropower. highway, bridge and dam etc; Geologic core drilling and geophysical exploration; Drill the holes for small grouting and blasting

Structural Configuration

The drilling rig includes crawler chassis, diesel engine and drilling main body; all these parts will be mounted on one frame. The diesel engine drives drill, hydraulic oil pump and crawler chassis, the power will be transferred to drill and crawler chassis through transfer case.

Main Features

(1) Being equipped with rubber crawler make the drilling rig moving easily. At the same time, the rubber crawlers won't destroy the ground, so this kind of drilling rig will be convenient for construction in city.

(2)Being equipped with hydraulic oil pressure feeding system improves drilling efficiency and reduces labor intensity

(3)Being equipped with ball type holding device and hexagonal Kelly, it can accomplish no-stopping working while lifting the rods and get a high drilling efficiency. Operate with convenience, security and reliability.

(4)Through the pressure indicator of bottom hole, the well condition can be observed easily

(5)Having hydraulic mast, convenient operation.

(6)Close levers, convenient operation.

(7)The diesel engine starts by the electromotor.

Drilling depth 100,180m 200m 280m 300m 600m
Drilling diameter 150mm 59-150mm 60-380mm 80-520mm 75-800mm
Rod diameter 42,43mm 42mm 50mm 50,60mm 50,60mm
Drilling angle 90°-75° 90°-75° 70°-90° 70°-90° 70°-90°
Spindle speed 1010,790,470,295,140rpm 71,142,310,620rpm / / /
Co-rotation / / 93,207,306,399,680,
Reverse rotation / / 70,155r/min 62,157r/min 62,160r/min
Spindle stroke 450mm 450mm 510mm 550mm 550mm
Spindle pulling force 25KN 25KN 49KN 68KN 68KN
Spindle feeding force 15KN 15KN 29KN 46KN 46KN
Max.output torque 500N.m 1250N.m 1600Nm 2550Nm 3550Nm
Hoist Lifting speed 0.31,0.66,1.05m/s 0.166,0.331,0.733,1.465m/s 0.31,0.72,1.10m/s 0.64,1.33,2.44m/s 0.31,0.62,1.18,2.0m/s
Lifting capacity 11KN 15KN 20KN 25,15,7.5KN 30KN
Cable diameter 9.3mm 9.3mm 12mm 15mm 15mm
Drum diameter 140mm 140mm 170mm 200mm 264mm
Brake diameter 252mm 252mm 296mm 350mm 460mm
Brake band 50m 50mm 60mm 74mm 90mm
Frame moving device Frame moving stroke 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm
Distance away from hole 250mm 250mm 250mm 300mm 300mm
oil pump
Type YBC-12/80 YBC-12/80 YBC12-125(left) CBW-E320 CBW-E320
Rated pressure 8Mpa 8Mpa 10Mpa 8Mpa 8Mpa
Rated flow 12L/min 12L/min 18L/min 40L/min 40L/min
Rated rotation speed 1500rpm 1500rpm 2500r/min
Power unit Model S1100 ZS1105 L28 N485Q CZ4102
Rated power 12.1KW 12.1KW 20KW 24.6KW 35.3KW
Rated speed 2200r/min 2200r/min 2200r/min 1800r/min 2000r/min
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