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SINOVO group wishes you all good luck in the year of the rat


New year, new hope.
SINOVO group wishes you all good luck in the year of the rat.

After the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, what can stop you from working hard?
Take back the heart immersed in the holiday and work hard. Let's move in the bright spring light, and have a wonderful start.

The epidemic situation, after returning to work, what self-protection measures should be taken every day to adjust the state of work?.
Before going to work and going out:
Do a good job in health monitoring and prepare protective disinfectants.
On the way to / from work:
If conditions permit, walk, ride and drive to work as much as possible; if you have to take public transportation, wear a mask throughout the journey, avoid touching the objects on the vehicle with your hands, wear gloves if conditions permit, and try to keep a certain distance from other personnel in the vehicle.
Take the elevator to / from work: take the stairs on the low floor; do well in protection and peak crossing; take the elevator without communication.
Enter the office: do a good job in personal protection; ventilation in the office; do not turn on the central air conditioning; keep a distance, reduce communication; less meetings, less going out.
Dining during office hours: cross peak dining, avoid piling up; avoid face-to-face dining; it's better to eat alone.
Back home:
Wash hands and ventilate frequently. After returning home, wash your hands before and after removing the mask, and open the window for ventilation. The recommended ventilation time is 20-30 minutes.
Handle clothing, shoes and hats. Place masks, coats, shoes (pay special attention to soles), backpacks, etc. in the ventilation area of the fixed room, disinfect them in time, and clean hands again after treatment.
Disinfect common articles. Disinfect mobile phones, all-in-one cards, access cards, keys, watches and other items in time (disinfect with disinfectant wipes or 75% ethanol).
Keep a healthy life. After going home, try not to go out, but do moderate exercise at home, drink more water, pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet, and pay attention to more rest.

Be energetic,, do not fear the future, full of passion to start a new round of work. In the new year, let's follow our dreams, never forget our original aspiration!
Although the beginning of 2020 is very special, but all these will be the past, let's firmly believe that the future will be better, come on together!

SINOVO group wishes you all good luck in the year of the rat
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